• Rubber Track Pads for Pavers :

S-Trac™ “Bolt-On” track-pads are made of premium high-density rubber and internal steel reinforcement, and are specially manufactured to exceed normal OEM standards in satisfying the most extreme project requirements for safety, traction, steering control, and wear-life of heavy crawler equipment such as highway pavement cold-milling planers, asphalt and concrete pavers, excavators, and trenchers.

“Bolt-On” Track Pads turn out to be Convenient, Comfortable, Protective and Economical as the Steel plates do not wear out as fast as rubber pads.

  • Buffer Pads for Vibratory Rollers :

S-Trac™ “buffer rubbers” are specially made for vibro-type asphalt pavement and soil-base compaction equipment such as self-propelled rolling-drums, and hydraulic plate-type compactor attachments. These isolators are available in many varieties, formulas, and densities to endure oscillating frequencies as high as 1,200,000 cycles, and tensile strengths as high as 20-Tons.